Duty Crew & DSFS Presentation
By Vice President Debra Finocchiaro
September 26, 2019

Yesterday evening officers and members of Brandywine Hundred, Talleyville and Minqudale Fire Companies gathered at Station 11 for a presentation and review of the Mill Creek Road fire which occurred on March 14, 2019.

Tucker Dempsey along with Chad Ingram from Delaware State Fire School presented an overview of the incident, which included photographs, audio & video from the scene and details from the incident review document that Delaware State Fire School prepared at the request of Mill Creek Fire Company. The deficiencies and challenges that were identified from this incident were outlined, discussed and at the end of the presentation a Q&A session took place.

As we all know fireground operations are complicated, complex, and never the same. The collection of knowledge gathered and shared with others after an incident such as this, is an exceptional learning opportunity for everyone.

During our presentation, Station 11 (Duty Engine) along with Stations 13, 22 & 25 were dispatched to a residential structure fire in 11's local. Station 11, 22 & 25 responded immediately with fully staffed units and upon a negative investigation members returned back to the station to conclude the presentation.