RIT Assist to Delaware County
By Captain Matt Fanelli
April 19, 2017

Last night at approximately 9pm the alarm was sounded for station 11 to respond as the rit, to assist Delaware County Lower Chichester on a working building fire. Rescue 11 made the response with a crew of 6 within a minute of dispatch. Rescue 11 arrived and started setting up as the rit on the alpha side of the structure. Shortly after setting up command advised to replace the rit as Rescue 11's crew was being put to work. Rescue 11s crew split as some members went to work on the roof and opening up windows as the other half went interior. Later in the operations command advised units to evacuate the structure. Rescue 11 was also used in a relay due to the hydrant locations and how far off the road the building was located. Crews where in service for approximately 6 hours before being cleared.